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What’s Your Story?

Do you keep from sharing your life with other in fear someone may find out who you really are?  Are you hiding past or current pain, regret, embarrassment, anger, shame or disappointment?  Everyone has a story, but we all tend to keep part of that story hidden.  Join us at Crossroads August 2nd-30th for the series “What’s Your Story?” to hear that no matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been or what you’re going through, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!.  Find out why sharing your story is important, powerful and can impact your life and others in profound ways.


Job Opportunity

job_opportunityCrossroads is currently seeking applicants for their open Pastoral & Ministry Administrator position.  This position is responsible for the day-to-day administrative functions of the church under the direction and supervision of the Pastor.   Includes church communications management, records management and worship media design and coordination.

This position is the face and smile to those contacting the church via phone, e-mail or in person.  They serve as the front line for church operations by providing administrative support to allow the Pastor and Ministry Directors to carry out their leadership and pastoral duties. Contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Pastor and Ministry Directors and all of the church leadership by using personal gifts and technical skills to provide administrative support.

This position is perfect for someone with strong organizational, communication, and technical skills.  It also allows for most work to be done during local school hours.  The job will be 20-25 hours per week, primarily Tuesday through Friday with some flexibility.  Ability to “work” and worship with us on Sundays is a plus.

See our Job Opportunity page for a link to the full job description and instructions on how to apply.